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Invest in Professional Janitorial Cleaning this Winter in Wapello, IA

November 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Keeping your commercial office space clean is an important priority in Wapello, IA, especially in the midst of the winter holiday season. Between colds and flus, parties and potlucks, there are a number of different reasons to make sure the office is thoroughly cleaned!

Hiring a quality, professional janitor will ensure the office is thoroughly cleaned and free of germs. Here are just a few of the services a ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration services janitor can provide for your commercial space this winter:

  • Window Washing: If you’re excited to watch the snowfall from your desk this winter, make sure your windows are as clean and streak-free as possible! A high-quality janitor will routinely clean indoor windows and window frames during the winter months.
  • Floor Cleaning: Don’t let food stains or scuffmarks keep your office from looking professional this winter. Our janitors know how to get any type of flooring clean, whether it be carpet or tile.
  • Bathroom Cleaning: Our janitors know how to get bathrooms looking clean for employees and customers alike. Along with restocking toilet paper and paper towels, we’ll make sure the floors, stalls, and sinks are cleaned and sanitized this winter season.
  • Removing Trash: Rather than letting trash pile up, allow our janitors to take care of routine garbage removal. In addition to collecting trash from restrooms, our professional janitors will take trash bags from around the office.
  • Surface Cleaning: Whether your office has cubicles or desks, our professional janitors know how to get workspaces clean! While working around your personal items, our cleaners will make sure that surfaces get scrubbed and disinfected.

Professional janitors know how to get the job done in Wapello, IA. Rather than allowing messes to collect and viruses to have places to live and thrive this winter, why not hire a professional instead? For all your professional janitorial services in Mt. Pleasant, Burlington, Fort Madison, and Wapello, IA, give our high-quality janitors a call today, and get your commercial office truly clean!


Answers to Your Mold Mitigation Questions in Mt. Pleasant, IA

October 31st, 2017 · No Comments

After experiencing water damage from flooding, weather events, burst pipes, or other sources in Mt. Pleasant, IA, mold growth often follows. Rather than allowing it to continue spreading, it’s important to find a way to mitigate that mold!

Before you get started, it’s important for you to know exactly what kind of mold growth you’re dealing with inside your home. Let’s take a quick look:

How can I handle an HVAC system contaminated with mold?

If you’ve noticed mold growth near your HVAC system, make sure to examine the interior of the unit before you turn it on. Running an HVAC contaminated with mold could spread dangerous spores throughout your home or office, which could make you, your family members, or your employees ill. A professional can assist you with an examination.

 What if there are more than ten square feet of mold growth?

In cases of severe mold growth, such as these, it’s valuable to do some serious research. The Environmental Protection Agency has a guide available for folks deciding to handle the mold alone, and there are also professional cleaners available who specialize in mold mitigation.

Where can I find a professional cleaner specializing in mold mitigation? 

Hiring a professional cleaner will ensure that your personal health is protected and that your mold is properly mitigated. Fortunately, the folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration know exactly how to remove mold from your home!

How do I remove contaminated water before mold growth begins?

Don’t handle contaminated water without proper safety precautions. In cases such as these, hire a professional cleaner.

Rather than trying to handle mold mitigation on your own in Mt. Pleasant, IA, Burlington, Fort Madison, or Wapello, reach out to a professional cleaner instead. Our cleaners know exactly how to handle even the trickiest types of mold and mitigation. Give us a call today, and make sure your home is mold free this fall!


Routine Residential Cleaning in Fort Madison, IA, Will Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

September 12th, 2017 · No Comments

School is starting up again in Fort Madison, IA, which means schedules are filling up with baseball practices, parent teacher conferences, school dances, and other fall activities. Rather than squeezing home cleaning into your schedule, why not tick it off your to-do list?

A professional cleaner will help your family keep tidy this fall! At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, our cleaners can offer exclusive home cleaning services such as:

Floor Cleaning: Whether your home is covered in carpet or hardwood, our professionals know how to correctly clean up the floor. Rather than starting out the year with dust mites, start the year fresh instead!

Upholstery Cleaning: Your couches, chairs, curtains, and other upholstered surfaces might look a little dingy this time of year! Make sure they’re freshly cleaned just in time for fall scary movie marathons or game nights—our professional home cleaners will know exactly what to do.

Moving Cleaning: If you’re moving at the start of the school year, it’s especially important to hand off a few tasks in order to alleviate some of your own stress! Our cleaners know how to handle moving cleaning and will make sure you’re ready to settle into your new home!

Green Cleaning: Our professional cleaners have the environmentally friendly products that your family is looking for. As the world turns red and orange, make sure that the inside of your home remains fresh and green!

If you’re ready to take something off your fall to-do list in Fort Madison, IA, the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration are here to help out! Let school activities, conferences, and fun events fill up your schedule, but leave the cleaning to us.

For all your home cleaning needs in the Mt Pleasant, Burlington, Fort Madison, and Wapello areas, give ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration a call today!


‘Carpet Diem!’ Today is the Day to Have Your Carpets Cleaned in Burlington, IA

August 11th, 2017 · No Comments

It’s time for some carpet cleaning trivia in Burlington, IA! Although carpets often go overlooked and are forgotten underfoot, it’s important to understand how to properly care for carpets and keep them clean.

That’s where today’s trivia comes in! Here are a few valuable carpet-cleaning facts to encourage you to think twice about keeping your home’s carpets clean:

Bacteria can live in a carpet for four weeks. That’s why it’s so important to keep carpets clean and to bring in a professional carpet cleaner every 12 to 18 months! There are other nasty things that also make their homes in our home’s carpets such as the Norovirus and dust mites.

The oldest recorded carpet is over 2,000 years old. The Pazyryk carpet, a gem from southern Siberia, must have been kept in excellent condition and cleaned regularly in order to have such an impressive lifespan!

Each person sheds approximately 1.5 million skin flakes each hour. Most of these flakes fall into our carpets and mix with the 43 million tons of dust that fall over the United States each year. That’s a lot of dust in your carpets every day!

 The word “carpet” comes from the Latin word “to pluck.” This is because, back in the day, carpets were specifically made from plucked fabric. “Carpet” also shares a Latin root with the term “carpe diem,” which means to seize (or pluck) the day!

Now that you know exactly what’s going on in your carpets, it’s time to contact a professional cleaner in the Burlington, IA, area! Fortunately, the folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services are here to help keep your carpets clean and clear of nasty bacteria and dust mites.

So, seize the day and the phone! Give our professionals a call today for carpet cleaning in Burlington, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, and Wapello, and allow your carpets to safely and cleanly “carpe diem” for years to come.


Professional Janitorial Services in the Fort Madison, Iowa Area

July 13th, 2017 · No Comments

Janitors have an important job to do during the summertime in the Fort Madison, Iowa area. Whether in commercial or educational buildings, janitors fulfill the important roles of keeping our spaces clean and building occupants safe.

Although janitorial services can include a number of different roles, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration’s professional-grade janitors will work hard to complete a number of valuable tasks and projects around your spaces, including:

  • Upholstery Cleaning: If your space has upholstered furniture, our professional janitors have just the right products and techniques to get and keep those upholstered items fresh and clean
  • Floor Cleaning: Our janitors are well versed in floor cleaning of all kinds, whether you have carpeted, tiled, wood, or laminate flooring. If you need a sweep, vacuum, or both, our janitors know exactly how to keep floors safe and clean
  • Restroom Cleaning: Not only will our janitors clean your public bathroom spaces, they’ll also restock toilet paper, paper towels, and soap as needed. Additionally, our professionals will replace unsightly, overflowing garbage bags
  • General Cleaning: In addition to cleaning general spaces within your office, our janitors will take care of specialty areas like waiting rooms, dining spaces, vending areas, and kitchens
  • Other Cleaning: If your building needs a specific area addressed, or an atypical cleaning need fulfilled, our professional janitors will work with you to ensure your needs are met. Let us know what you need, and we’ll work to get it done

Ready to bring a professional janitor into your building in the Fort Madison, Iowa area? The folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration are here to make sure your spaces always look and feel great for everyone passing through. Give us a call today for all your janitorial needs in the Burlington, Fort Madison, Mount Pleasant, and Wapello areas today!


Prepare for the Storm With Emergency Board Up Services in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Area

June 16th, 2017 · No Comments

If severe weather strikes in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa area this summer, it’s important for you to know exactly what to do. Rather than scrambling to prep your home during a storm, preparing board up services before the storm hits will give you peace of mind, and keep your home safe.

Ready to get started? Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that you have the board up services necessary to stay safe in your home during a storm.

Start with Studs: Insert studding on either side of your windows and glass doors. These should align with your boards for easy installation, even during the high winds and unpredictable patterns of a summer storm!

Check Cuts: Make sure that your boards extend at least one inch past the window frame for added support and security. This will keep you and your home safer!

Need Numbers: Number each board and window so that you know exactly which board goes where when the time comes. Take the time to write clearly in permanent marker or paint, so that the number is clear when it really counts!

Secure with Screws: Attach the boards to your window frame with corrosion-resistant screws. These screws will hold much better than traditional nails and should be set approximately sixteen inches apart on your board.

Preparing for emergency board up is important, but can be an emotionally time-consuming process. Rather than trying to figure it out yourself, why not ask for professional assistance?

The folks at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration are here to make sure your home stays safe during a storm in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa area. Your safety is a priority and, even though tough weather strikes sometimes, the professionals at ServiceMaster are even tougher. Give us a call today, and make sure your home is ready for summer storms!


Keep Your Special Event Spotless With Residential Cleaning in Fort Madison, Iowa

May 10th, 2017 · No Comments

There’s a lot to be excited about this summer in Fort Madison, IA! While you prepare the food, the festivities, and the guest lists for whatever summer events you’ve got planned, have you considered who will take care of the cleaning?

As you start prepping for family reunions, birthday celebrations, Fourth of July parties, or other special events, take a moment to consider the ways you’ll keep your home clean through it all. Here are some handy tricks and tips for you and your family!

  1. Plan for Clean Up: If you prep for the mess, it will be much easier to manage! Rather than allowing dishes to pile up and shared living spaces to become cluttered, assign certain family members to clean certain areas for the week. Let your sister’s kids take care of sweeping the deck after your special event, and ask your brother to scrub down countertops!
  2. Create Competition: If you’ve got a competitive family, make cleaning up into a game! Which family can get their area the cleanest, or which kid worked hardest to pick up litter after the picnic? Take a minute to give awards for the cleanest family or family members, all while keeping your event space clean!
  3. Make Disposal Simple: If you’ve got a large venue for a number of days, it’s important to make sure you’ve put out enough trash cans, garbage bags, or other containers for waste collection. This will reduce the amount of waste in your space while reminding folks to help clean during your special event!
  4. Budget for a Cleaner: If you’re worried that your family won’t help with cleaning during your special event, or if you’d prefer to avoid the hassle altogether, consider hiring a professional cleaner to keep your event space spotless!

When it comes to hosting a special event in Fort Madison, IA, make sure that your area stays clean. Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today at 1-800-583-3364 for your family’s special event cleaning needs!


Janitorial Cleaning Scenarios in Wapello, Iowa

April 19th, 2017 · No Comments

In the Wapello, Iowa area, it’s important to keep business spaces clean and ready for the busy workweek. Although there are a lot of daily messes that occur around your office space, like cluttered desks or stray paper scraps, there are also occasional cleaning disasters or routine, semi-annual chores that need to be performed.

Tired of playing the janitor in your own workspace? Let’s take a look at just a few scenarios that illustrate common workspace messes, and reasons why hiring a professional janitor can help give you back some peace of mind at work:

  • Scenario One: Shannon loves to practice three-pointers with paper towels in the bathroom, but always misses the garbage can. By the end of a workday, there are usually towels scattered all over the floor, which you try to scoop up before leaving every day at 5 p.m.
  • Scenario Two: Nate is a klutz with his coffee mug and always manages to spill on the carpet between the kitchen and his cubicle. Even though you’ve reminded everyone to bring lidded cups, there are still new carpet stains each week
  • Scenario Three: You’ve noticed that the hardwood floor in the foyer is looking scuffed and unprofessional. Even though you’ve tried to contract a floor guy and taken recommendations from coworkers, you still haven’t found the right person for the job
  • Scenario Four: A construction company recently completed work on the third-floor stairwell, but left behind dust, foot prints, and building materials. You’ve contact the company to remove these items, but nothing has been done yet

Ready to find solutions for these common scenarios in the Wapello, Iowa area? The janitors at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration are here to help! With the help of our janitorial cleaners, you can be certain that all your restroom, carpet cleaning, hardwood cleaning, and post-construction cleaning needs are taken care of.

Rather than pretending to be a janitor, why not hire one with professional experience in the Burlington, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, and Wapello areas? Contact ServiceMaster’s janitors today!


Above and Beyond Janitorial Services in Wapello, IA

March 14th, 2017 · No Comments

When it comes to specialty services in Wapello, IA, what is your janitor doing for you? Although you may oftentimes see your current cleaners sweeping, mopping, dusting, or cleaning after hours, there are janitors out there with more to offer!

At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, our janitorial staff goes above and beyond to take care of your business. While we provide routine maintenance, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and floor waxing, we also have a number of specialized services, including:

  • Surface Dusting and Cleaning: Our janitors are trained to carefully and meticulously dust surfaces, office appliances, and know how to expertly clean office fixtures, kitchen spaces, and vending machines.
  • Restroom Restoration: After a long and busy day at work, restrooms tend to get messy! Between trashcans overflowing with paper towels and soapy sinks, there’s a lot to clean in the bathroom. Our janitors are here to not only sanitize these spaces, but to restock and prepare for a new, busy workday!
  • Trash Collection: Did you know that every American produces approximately 100 tons of garbage during their lifetime? While at work, it’s important to keep this trash under control! Rather than figuring out how to handle it yourself, or hiring an additional company, the professional janitors at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration will take care of trash, too.
  • Floor Cleaning: Whether your office has hardwood, tile, linoleum, or marble floors, our professionals are trained to get them clean! We have specialized methods to suit each different type of hard surface underfoot, and our janitors will make sure to keep them safe while getting them clean.
  • Other Needs: If your commercial office space has a specific cleaning need, our janitorial staff will work with you to ensure these needs are met.

Ready to give your office space above and beyond cleaning in Wapello, Mt. Pleasant, Burlington, or Fort Madison, IA? Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today!


Water Damage Restoration After the Storm in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Area

February 14th, 2017 · No Comments

In the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa area, cleaning up after a snowstorm with significant water damage can be intimidating. Along with recovering your home there are a million things on your mind, like where should I start? How do I find materials to clean up? Can anyone help me with this process?

Fortunately, the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration know how to clean up water damage after a heavy snow or rainstorm. Until they arrive, here are a few ways to help the process along a bit:

  • Avoid Flooding: If your home floods during an intense snow or rainstorm, make certain to turn off the electricity before water reaches the power outlets in order to keep the area safe. Otherwise, contact a professional immediately for help.
  • Escape Mold: Cleanup, dry up, and air out your home as soon as possible with indoor fans. Only open the windows if the air outside is dryer than the air in the home. Taking this action will allow you to avoid having a wet house and keep mold from growing inside the walls.
  • Plow or Shovel: If your home is trapped beneath a large amount of snow from a storm, do your best to remove it quickly. Not only can these drifted layers pack in over time, they can also freeze and cause damage to your home.
  • Fix Glass Breakage: During storms, windowpanes or glass doors can shatter or crack. Do your best to remove the glass safely, and then cover the hole in order to keep your house from losing too much heat!

When it comes to storm cleanup and disaster restoration in the Mt. Pleasant, IA area, it’s important to make certain you keep your home safe. Although we encourage you to take action to protect your home, a professional hand is especially helpful during challenging times like these.

Ready to make the call? Contact the folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today! We also proudly serve the Burlington, Fort Madison, and Wapello, IA areas.