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Janitorial Caretakers in the Wapello, Iowa, Area

July 11th, 2016 · No Comments

Janitorial services typically include sweeping, mopping, repairs, and general clean up within the Wapello, Iowa, area. But janitors themselves do so much more. They’re usually the first folks into a building, and also the last ones to lock the doors at the end of a long day. They are caretakers, tending to the spaces in […]

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Cleaning Commercial Carpets in the Burlington, Iowa, Area

July 7th, 2016 · No Comments

With summer coming to an end in the Burlington, Iowa, area, the days of sunshine and greenery are coming to a close. Soon, folks will be contending with all kinds of inclement weather, including leaves, snow showers, slush, and mud. Although we would like to make sure the outdoors stay outdoors, they do occasionally sneak […]

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