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Carpet Cleaning in Burlington, Iowa with ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration

April 29th, 2016 · No Comments

Not all the carpet fibers in your Burlington, Iowa home are the same. Some are thicker than others, some have a deeper pile, and some are designed to withstand heavy traffic. But that’s not what we mean in this case. If you looked at the fibers from the same carpet in your home under a microscope, there’s a good chance some will appear pretty clean, many may have a wide variety of particles clinging to them, and others may be relatively clean but damaged with visible tears and rips in the threads.

That’s a definite sign of less-than-thorough cleaning. Carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration will make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Makers of modern carpets recommend deep carpet cleaning with the hot water extraction method. It’s often improperly called steam cleaning, but there’s no steam involved, as that would hurt the carpet. The point of deep carpet cleaning is to reach and remove the dirt – soil, salt, small stones, organics – that are at the very bottom of the pile. Those items, if left behind as they are by many cleaning machines that just clean the surface, will decompose with time and cause the fibers to deteriorate or discolor.

Also, as people walk across the carpeting, the small stones or pebbles will press against the fibers and tear and fray the threads, ruining your investment. The carpet surface may look okay, but there could be serious damage at the base.

Burlington, Iowa is a four-season city. That means carpet is exposed to just about every type of dirt from insect parts and pollen in summer to dissolved salt and chemicals from winter sidewalks. Professional carpet cleaning by trained technicians using the right tools and procedures will not only restore your carpet to its original brightness and freshness, it will lengthen its life as well. Many things can damage carpet, from pet stains to food spills to red wine.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration we’ve seen almost every situation and know how to handle it. We are the carpet cleaning experts of choice in Burlington.

Call ServiceMaster Of Fort Madison, IA at 1-800-584-3364 today for more information about carpet cleaning.




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