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Answers to Your Mold Mitigation Questions in Mt. Pleasant, IA

October 31st, 2017 · No Comments

After experiencing water damage from flooding, weather events, burst pipes, or other sources in Mt. Pleasant, IA, mold growth often follows. Rather than allowing it to continue spreading, it’s important to find a way to mitigate that mold!

Before you get started, it’s important for you to know exactly what kind of mold growth you’re dealing with inside your home. Let’s take a quick look:

How can I handle an HVAC system contaminated with mold?

If you’ve noticed mold growth near your HVAC system, make sure to examine the interior of the unit before you turn it on. Running an HVAC contaminated with mold could spread dangerous spores throughout your home or office, which could make you, your family members, or your employees ill. A professional can assist you with an examination.

 What if there are more than ten square feet of mold growth?

In cases of severe mold growth, such as these, it’s valuable to do some serious research. The Environmental Protection Agency has a guide available for folks deciding to handle the mold alone, and there are also professional cleaners available who specialize in mold mitigation.

Where can I find a professional cleaner specializing in mold mitigation? 

Hiring a professional cleaner will ensure that your personal health is protected and that your mold is properly mitigated. Fortunately, the folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration know exactly how to remove mold from your home!

How do I remove contaminated water before mold growth begins?

Don’t handle contaminated water without proper safety precautions. In cases such as these, hire a professional cleaner.

Rather than trying to handle mold mitigation on your own in Mt. Pleasant, IA, Burlington, Fort Madison, or Wapello, reach out to a professional cleaner instead. Our cleaners know exactly how to handle even the trickiest types of mold and mitigation. Give us a call today, and make sure your home is mold free this fall!


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