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Mop Up this Fall in the Fort Madison Iowa area

August 11th, 2016 · No Comments

As we head through the autumn months, cleaning business floors in the Fort Madison, Iowa, area becomes challenging. Rather than just sweeping up a few blades of grass or dust bunnies here and there, autumn brings bigger messes. With the falling leaves comes falling rain, and the ground is usually soggy, muddy, and leaf-littered.

Need to brush up on the best way to get those business floors cleaned? Follow these few steps to make sure your floors are up to snuff:

Steer Clear: Make sure that all rugs, tables, and chairs are out of the way before starting the process. Additionally, if any other people are nearby, make sure they are made aware that you are cleaning. That way the floors won’t be covered with footprints and dust throughout the process!

Quick Sweep: Either a broom or a vacuum will do the trick! A quick sweep with the broom or a few minutes with the vacuum will get rid of those pesky leaves littering the floor of your business!

Ready the Mop: Here comes the main event! When paired with an effective floor cleaning solution, a mop can usually remove the majority of stuck-on mud or dirt. Make sure to start in the corner of the room rather than mopping yourself into a small circle and tracking dirt on the slick floors when leaving!

Let it Dry: Give the area time to dry. Just as with the second step, its important to let employees or other people within the area know that the floor is wet. That way there will be minimal accidents or problems! Quick note: this step also applies to the mop, which will begin to smell if not properly dried after a good floor clean.

All of these steps will come in handy when cleaning commercial floors in the Fort Madison, IA, area. If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge, or if a busy schedule makes it tricky to find time to mop, why not contact a professional cleaner?

The experienced folks at ServiceMaster are here to keep your commercial floors shiny and clean. Contact us today for all your needs in Burlington, Fort Madison, Mount Pleasant, and Wapello!



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