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Janitorial Cleaning Scenarios in Wapello, Iowa

April 19th, 2017 · No Comments

In the Wapello, Iowa area, it’s important to keep business spaces clean and ready for the busy workweek. Although there are a lot of daily messes that occur around your office space, like cluttered desks or stray paper scraps, there are also occasional cleaning disasters or routine, semi-annual chores that need to be performed.

Tired of playing the janitor in your own workspace? Let’s take a look at just a few scenarios that illustrate common workspace messes, and reasons why hiring a professional janitor can help give you back some peace of mind at work:

  • Scenario One: Shannon loves to practice three-pointers with paper towels in the bathroom, but always misses the garbage can. By the end of a workday, there are usually towels scattered all over the floor, which you try to scoop up before leaving every day at 5 p.m.
  • Scenario Two: Nate is a klutz with his coffee mug and always manages to spill on the carpet between the kitchen and his cubicle. Even though you’ve reminded everyone to bring lidded cups, there are still new carpet stains each week
  • Scenario Three: You’ve noticed that the hardwood floor in the foyer is looking scuffed and unprofessional. Even though you’ve tried to contract a floor guy and taken recommendations from coworkers, you still haven’t found the right person for the job
  • Scenario Four: A construction company recently completed work on the third-floor stairwell, but left behind dust, foot prints, and building materials. You’ve contact the company to remove these items, but nothing has been done yet

Ready to find solutions for these common scenarios in the Wapello, Iowa area? The janitors at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration are here to help! With the help of our janitorial cleaners, you can be certain that all your restroom, carpet cleaning, hardwood cleaning, and post-construction cleaning needs are taken care of.

Rather than pretending to be a janitor, why not hire one with professional experience in the Burlington, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, and Wapello areas? Contact ServiceMaster’s janitors today!


Above and Beyond Janitorial Services in Wapello, IA

March 14th, 2017 · No Comments

When it comes to specialty services in Wapello, IA, what is your janitor doing for you? Although you may oftentimes see your current cleaners sweeping, mopping, dusting, or cleaning after hours, there are janitors out there with more to offer!

At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, our janitorial staff goes above and beyond to take care of your business. While we provide routine maintenance, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and floor waxing, we also have a number of specialized services, including:

  • Surface Dusting and Cleaning: Our janitors are trained to carefully and meticulously dust surfaces, office appliances, and know how to expertly clean office fixtures, kitchen spaces, and vending machines.
  • Restroom Restoration: After a long and busy day at work, restrooms tend to get messy! Between trashcans overflowing with paper towels and soapy sinks, there’s a lot to clean in the bathroom. Our janitors are here to not only sanitize these spaces, but to restock and prepare for a new, busy workday!
  • Trash Collection: Did you know that every American produces approximately 100 tons of garbage during their lifetime? While at work, it’s important to keep this trash under control! Rather than figuring out how to handle it yourself, or hiring an additional company, the professional janitors at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration will take care of trash, too.
  • Floor Cleaning: Whether your office has hardwood, tile, linoleum, or marble floors, our professionals are trained to get them clean! We have specialized methods to suit each different type of hard surface underfoot, and our janitors will make sure to keep them safe while getting them clean.
  • Other Needs: If your commercial office space has a specific cleaning need, our janitorial staff will work with you to ensure these needs are met.

Ready to give your office space above and beyond cleaning in Wapello, Mt. Pleasant, Burlington, or Fort Madison, IA? Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today!


Water Damage Restoration After the Storm in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Area

February 14th, 2017 · No Comments

In the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa area, cleaning up after a snowstorm with significant water damage can be intimidating. Along with recovering your home there are a million things on your mind, like where should I start? How do I find materials to clean up? Can anyone help me with this process?

Fortunately, the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration know how to clean up water damage after a heavy snow or rainstorm. Until they arrive, here are a few ways to help the process along a bit:

  • Avoid Flooding: If your home floods during an intense snow or rainstorm, make certain to turn off the electricity before water reaches the power outlets in order to keep the area safe. Otherwise, contact a professional immediately for help.
  • Escape Mold: Cleanup, dry up, and air out your home as soon as possible with indoor fans. Only open the windows if the air outside is dryer than the air in the home. Taking this action will allow you to avoid having a wet house and keep mold from growing inside the walls.
  • Plow or Shovel: If your home is trapped beneath a large amount of snow from a storm, do your best to remove it quickly. Not only can these drifted layers pack in over time, they can also freeze and cause damage to your home.
  • Fix Glass Breakage: During storms, windowpanes or glass doors can shatter or crack. Do your best to remove the glass safely, and then cover the hole in order to keep your house from losing too much heat!

When it comes to storm cleanup and disaster restoration in the Mt. Pleasant, IA area, it’s important to make certain you keep your home safe. Although we encourage you to take action to protect your home, a professional hand is especially helpful during challenging times like these.

Ready to make the call? Contact the folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today! We also proudly serve the Burlington, Fort Madison, and Wapello, IA areas.


Clean Your Carpets this New Year in the Fort Madison, Iowa Area

January 18th, 2017 · No Comments

This year in the Fort Madison, Iowa area, it’s important to make sure your home’s carpets are ready for just about anything. From snow and mud to dirt and dander, the carpeted areas of your home will go through a lot this year. Best to prepare them now!

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are a number of different approaches you can take, depending on what’s best for you and your floors. Let’s take a quick peek at the best ways to ensure your carpets are clean!

  • Water Extraction Method: The best-known example of this method is the steam cleaner. Using this method, a solution is injected into the carpet, and the dirt is pulled back into the cleaner. Although this can be a handy approach, it’s tempting to wet the carpets too much, which can cause discoloration and odor, if not performed by professionals.
  • Dry Extraction Method: This method requires a dry cleaning chemical and a cleaning machine with a vacuum. After allowing the carpet to absorb the cleaning chemical, the machine is used to vacuum away the chemical and captured dirt. This method often works better than a steam cleaner, but can be more expensive.
  • Hire a Professional: Although water or dry extraction can be good fixes for folks with time on their hands, hiring a professional carpet cleaner will get the job done in a safe, time efficient manner. Professionals will walk you through all the options for carpet cleaning and help you decide which would be best for your home. And the best part? They’ll do all the work for you!

Resolve to take care of your carpets with a good cleaning in the Fort Madison, IA area. With the help of the professionals at ServiceMaster, your carpets will be ready for whatever this year has to offer. If you live in Fort Madison, Burlington, Mt. Pleasant, or Wapello, contact us for more information today!


Prevent Carpet Mold this Season in the Burlington, IA Area with Professional Carpet Cleaning from ServiceMaster Clean and Restore

December 15th, 2016 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning your carpets after experiencing water damage in the Burlington, IA area, there are a lot of important details to consider. Although it may be frightening to consider all the specifics of getting your home back to normal before the holiday season, it’s important that you manage all your residential carpet cleaning details carefully in order to avoid one specific issue: mold. When it comes to mold in your carpets, it’s best to call the professionals from ServiceMaster Clean and Restore, rather than trying to do it yourself.

After our professionals arrive, they will being work on treating the water damage and cleaning your carpets. Here are the steps we will follow so you can get back to celebrating the holidays faster.

  1. Get it out! First, our professionals will remove water damage quickly, using professional-grade air movers to quicken the process. If you’ve experienced water damage from burst pipes or flooding of some kind, we will keep air circulating over and around the damaged surfaces. High-powered air movers, in addition to dehumidifiers and a professional cleaner are best for this
  2. Get Steamy: We are equipped with high-quality equipment, including steam cleaners to sanitize and deodorize damaged carpets. However, the padding beneath the carpet will likely need to be replaced. Although this can be an inconvenience, it’s much less expensive than replacing both the padding and the carpet
  3. Get Cleaning: Sanitizing other areas around the carpet, such as walls and baseboards, is incredibly important to the residential carpet cleaning process. This helps to prevent mold growth in the home. Additionally, we double-check furniture near the damaged carpets to ensure they haven’t experienced water damage as well

 Although there are a lot of details to consider if your home has suffered water damage this holiday season in the Burlington, IA area, it’s important to consider the potential for mold growth. To ensure water damage is properly treated and to prevent mold growth in your carpets, it’s necessary to call in the professionals.

The folks at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore are here to save your holiday! For all your water damaged carpet cleaning needs in the Burlington, Fort Madison, Wapello, and Mt. Pleasant areas, contact us today.


Thankful for Janitors in the Wapello, Iowa, Area

November 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

In the Wapello, Iowa, area, buildings, schools, and businesses tend to get a little messy throughout the fall months! Although many of us leave our garbage and spills behind at the end of a busy day, janitors come into dark, empty buildings after hours and prepare our spaces for a new day.


Janitors play an important role in our everyday lives, even though their work usually happens behind the scenes. This fall, let’s take a moment to think of some reasons to be thankful for the janitorial services in our lives:


  • Janitors Remove Dirt: Remember that dirt and mud your coworker tracked in after lunch? Although they might have halfheartedly tried to mop it up with a paper towel before the two o’clock meeting, a janitor will come in and clean the carpets so they look as good as new!
  • Janitors Wash Windows: After the janitor scrubs and squeegees the windows, your office space becomes so much lighter and happier. Plus, there are a lot fewer cobwebs blocking the view outside!
  • Janitors Clean Shared Spaces: No matter how many passive aggressive notes the HR department leaves in the kitchen, there will always be someone who forgets to cover their microwave spaghetti or who splashes their coffee. A janitor takes care of these problem spaces, and makes sure that everyone has a clean, shared space!
  • Janitors Disinfect: Noticing that a lot of your coworkers have been sneezing or coughing? A janitor will make sure that your spaces are germ-free by morning, so you can hopefully stay away from the flu this winter!


There are so many reasons to be thankful for janitors in the Wapello, Iowa, area this fall. Today, take a moment and reach out to the folks who clean your office spaces!


Lacking a high quality professional janitor in your commercial space, located in Wapello, Burlington, Fort Madison, or Mt. Pleasant? Contact the folks at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore today. You’ll be grateful you did!


Preparing for Weather Emergencies in the Mount Pleasant, Iowa, Area

October 20th, 2016 · No Comments

Although the Mount Pleasant, Iowa, area is not often at risk for weather damage from hurricanes, Hurricane Matthew is causing people across the United States to re-evaluate how they might react when faced with disaster.

There are many important steps to consider when preparing for weather emergencies. People have to make challenging decisions, like when to leave and where to go, and how many belongings to take. Unfortunately, certain possessions, like homes, simply have to stay behind and wait out the storm.

With the help of emergency boardup services, the amount of damage and destruction to a home can be reduced. If you’re fearful of a weatherrelated emergency, these easy steps will help to prepare your home for emergency boardup:

  • Measure and Count: Count the number of windows and doors inside your home that have a glass pane. Next, measure each of these without including the trim. Add eight inches to each measurement, allowing four inches of overlap on each side of the window.
  • Gather Materials: Find a saw, drill, hammer, wrench, work gloves, and assorted drill bits and nuts. Do a little research into the construction of your home before purchasing anchors, as wood and masonry homes require different materials.
  • Prepare: To make certain that you’re prepared when a storm does arrive, it can be helpful to begin drilling holes and labeling wooden boards based on where they should be placed. Then, store these materials in an accessible place in case emergency does strike.

In the Mount Pleasant, Iowa, area, it is frightening to think about the damage and destruction caused by a storm. Fortunately, preparing for the worst can help.

If you’re feeling uncertain about your own emergency boardup skills, the professionals at ServiceMaster can help you prepare. Contact them today for all your disaster restoration and emergency boardup needs in the Burlington, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, and Wapello areas.



Mop Up this Fall in the Fort Madison Iowa area

August 11th, 2016 · No Comments

As we head through the autumn months, cleaning business floors in the Fort Madison, Iowa, area becomes challenging. Rather than just sweeping up a few blades of grass or dust bunnies here and there, autumn brings bigger messes. With the falling leaves comes falling rain, and the ground is usually soggy, muddy, and leaf-littered.

Need to brush up on the best way to get those business floors cleaned? Follow these few steps to make sure your floors are up to snuff:

Steer Clear: Make sure that all rugs, tables, and chairs are out of the way before starting the process. Additionally, if any other people are nearby, make sure they are made aware that you are cleaning. That way the floors won’t be covered with footprints and dust throughout the process!

Quick Sweep: Either a broom or a vacuum will do the trick! A quick sweep with the broom or a few minutes with the vacuum will get rid of those pesky leaves littering the floor of your business!

Ready the Mop: Here comes the main event! When paired with an effective floor cleaning solution, a mop can usually remove the majority of stuck-on mud or dirt. Make sure to start in the corner of the room rather than mopping yourself into a small circle and tracking dirt on the slick floors when leaving!

Let it Dry: Give the area time to dry. Just as with the second step, its important to let employees or other people within the area know that the floor is wet. That way there will be minimal accidents or problems! Quick note: this step also applies to the mop, which will begin to smell if not properly dried after a good floor clean.

All of these steps will come in handy when cleaning commercial floors in the Fort Madison, IA, area. If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge, or if a busy schedule makes it tricky to find time to mop, why not contact a professional cleaner?

The experienced folks at ServiceMaster are here to keep your commercial floors shiny and clean. Contact us today for all your needs in Burlington, Fort Madison, Mount Pleasant, and Wapello!



Janitorial Caretakers in the Wapello, Iowa, Area

July 11th, 2016 · No Comments

Janitorial services typically include sweeping, mopping, repairs, and general clean up within the Wapello, Iowa, area. But janitors themselves do so much more. They’re usually the first folks into a building, and also the last ones to lock the doors at the end of a long day. They are caretakers, tending to the spaces in which we live, work, and play as a community. The janitorial professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration take this role very seriously and work hard to maintain high standards of health and cleanliness.

A custodian named Theresa Ely in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, embodies this principal, as she exposed a frightening student health concern within her school community. Here are a quick few facts about this special case, which truly expands the definition of “janitorial services” from cleaning to caretaking:

  • School Sanding: Back in 2011 and 2012, Ely and a few other janitorial staff were asked to dry sand tiles within two different schools within a Michigan district. These tiles contained asbestos, which OSHA later confirmed.


  • Protective Gear: Ely voiced health concerns about the janitorial services that she provided, because she was not given protective gear. Additionally, although there were students present during the sanding, they were not warned or properly protected. Although both staff and students could have been exposed to harmful chemicals within the school, Ely said, “My biggest fear is for the children.”


  • Rewards: OSHA awarded Ely with $200,000 for reporting this health concern, but no amount of money could remove the asbestos within her lungs, and within those of her students. Ely felt concerned that day-to-day operations within the school needed to change, so something this serious would never happen again. Ely said, “I encourage the parents and the members of this community to keep contacting the board of education and urging them to take action. Your child, your community, it has to start somewhere.”


Janitorial services mean a lot more than just sweeping and mopping within the Wapello, Iowa area. Although janitors are typically known for being cleaners, Theresa Ely is proof that these hardworking folks are also caretakers. Thanks to her wise eye, janitorial services, and concern for health, she reported harmful actions within her school and sought change.

If you want a professional cleaner and caretaker for your building who will go above and beyond, the folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration are here to provide professional janitorial services in Burlington, Fort Madison, Mount Pleasant, and Wapello. Contact them today!



Cleaning Commercial Carpets in the Burlington, Iowa, Area

July 7th, 2016 · No Comments

With summer coming to an end in the Burlington, Iowa, area, the days of sunshine and greenery are coming to a close. Soon, folks will be contending with all kinds of inclement weather, including leaves, snow showers, slush, and mud. Although we would like to make sure the outdoors stay outdoors, they do occasionally sneak inside and onto commercial carpets.

That’s exactly why commercial carpet cleaning is so important. As folks trek across carpets, they carry a number of different things on the bottoms of their shoes. So, here are a few reasons to make sure the carpets stay clean:

Vacuuming Isn’t Enough: Legally, many carpet companies do not uphold warranties on carpets unless they are professionally cleaned every 12-24 months. Between sessions of vacuuming, make sure to hire a professional!

Slow Vacuuming: When vacuuming, make sure that you take your time. Rather than zipping a vacuum over surfaces, make sure the vacuum is able to move slowly in order to truly vibrate dust out of the carpet fibers.

Pick Properly: Especially in a commercial area, be certain to select a carpet with a low pile. This type of carpet is composed of shorter fibers than a shag or fluff carpet, which is good because these materials tend to trap dust.

Clean Up Spills: Its important to clean up routine spills quickly. If a customer drops their coffee or some stray mud is tracked across the carpet, dab the stain from the outside in. This will make it easier to remove!

Vacuuming is important to routine carpet maintenance, but for a true cleaning in the Burlington, Iowa, area, it’s important to enlist a high quality professional. For all of your commercial cleaning needs in Burlington, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, and Wapello, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster today and keep your carpet looking great!