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Preparing for Weather Emergencies in the Mount Pleasant, Iowa, Area

October 20th, 2016 · No Comments

Although the Mount Pleasant, Iowa, area is not often at risk for weather damage from hurricanes, Hurricane Matthew is causing people across the United States to re-evaluate how they might react when faced with disaster.

There are many important steps to consider when preparing for weather emergencies. People have to make challenging decisions, like when to leave and where to go, and how many belongings to take. Unfortunately, certain possessions, like homes, simply have to stay behind and wait out the storm.

With the help of emergency boardup services, the amount of damage and destruction to a home can be reduced. If you’re fearful of a weatherrelated emergency, these easy steps will help to prepare your home for emergency boardup:

  • Measure and Count: Count the number of windows and doors inside your home that have a glass pane. Next, measure each of these without including the trim. Add eight inches to each measurement, allowing four inches of overlap on each side of the window.
  • Gather Materials: Find a saw, drill, hammer, wrench, work gloves, and assorted drill bits and nuts. Do a little research into the construction of your home before purchasing anchors, as wood and masonry homes require different materials.
  • Prepare: To make certain that you’re prepared when a storm does arrive, it can be helpful to begin drilling holes and labeling wooden boards based on where they should be placed. Then, store these materials in an accessible place in case emergency does strike.

In the Mount Pleasant, Iowa, area, it is frightening to think about the damage and destruction caused by a storm. Fortunately, preparing for the worst can help.

If you’re feeling uncertain about your own emergency boardup skills, the professionals at ServiceMaster can help you prepare. Contact them today for all your disaster restoration and emergency boardup needs in the Burlington, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, and Wapello areas.



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