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Prevent Carpet Mold this Season in the Burlington, IA Area with Professional Carpet Cleaning from ServiceMaster Clean and Restore

December 15th, 2016 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning your carpets after experiencing water damage in the Burlington, IA area, there are a lot of important details to consider. Although it may be frightening to consider all the specifics of getting your home back to normal before the holiday season, it’s important that you manage all your residential carpet cleaning details carefully in order to avoid one specific issue: mold. When it comes to mold in your carpets, it’s best to call the professionals from ServiceMaster Clean and Restore, rather than trying to do it yourself.

After our professionals arrive, they will being work on treating the water damage and cleaning your carpets. Here are the steps we will follow so you can get back to celebrating the holidays faster.

  1. Get it out! First, our professionals will remove water damage quickly, using professional-grade air movers to quicken the process. If you’ve experienced water damage from burst pipes or flooding of some kind, we will keep air circulating over and around the damaged surfaces. High-powered air movers, in addition to dehumidifiers and a professional cleaner are best for this
  2. Get Steamy: We are equipped with high-quality equipment, including steam cleaners to sanitize and deodorize damaged carpets. However, the padding beneath the carpet will likely need to be replaced. Although this can be an inconvenience, it’s much less expensive than replacing both the padding and the carpet
  3. Get Cleaning: Sanitizing other areas around the carpet, such as walls and baseboards, is incredibly important to the residential carpet cleaning process. This helps to prevent mold growth in the home. Additionally, we double-check furniture near the damaged carpets to ensure they haven’t experienced water damage as well

 Although there are a lot of details to consider if your home has suffered water damage this holiday season in the Burlington, IA area, it’s important to consider the potential for mold growth. To ensure water damage is properly treated and to prevent mold growth in your carpets, it’s necessary to call in the professionals.

The folks at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore are here to save your holiday! For all your water damaged carpet cleaning needs in the Burlington, Fort Madison, Wapello, and Mt. Pleasant areas, contact us today.


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