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Invest in Professional Janitorial Cleaning this Winter in Wapello, IA

November 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Keeping your commercial office space clean is an important priority in Wapello, IA, especially in the midst of the winter holiday season. Between colds and flus, parties and potlucks, there are a number of different reasons to make sure the office is thoroughly cleaned!

Hiring a quality, professional janitor will ensure the office is thoroughly cleaned and free of germs. Here are just a few of the services a ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration services janitor can provide for your commercial space this winter:

  • Window Washing: If you’re excited to watch the snowfall from your desk this winter, make sure your windows are as clean and streak-free as possible! A high-quality janitor will routinely clean indoor windows and window frames during the winter months.
  • Floor Cleaning: Don’t let food stains or scuffmarks keep your office from looking professional this winter. Our janitors know how to get any type of flooring clean, whether it be carpet or tile.
  • Bathroom Cleaning: Our janitors know how to get bathrooms looking clean for employees and customers alike. Along with restocking toilet paper and paper towels, we’ll make sure the floors, stalls, and sinks are cleaned and sanitized this winter season.
  • Removing Trash: Rather than letting trash pile up, allow our janitors to take care of routine garbage removal. In addition to collecting trash from restrooms, our professional janitors will take trash bags from around the office.
  • Surface Cleaning: Whether your office has cubicles or desks, our professional janitors know how to get workspaces clean! While working around your personal items, our cleaners will make sure that surfaces get scrubbed and disinfected.

Professional janitors know how to get the job done in Wapello, IA. Rather than allowing messes to collect and viruses to have places to live and thrive this winter, why not hire a professional instead? For all your professional janitorial services in Mt. Pleasant, Burlington, Fort Madison, and Wapello, IA, give our high-quality janitors a call today, and get your commercial office truly clean!


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