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Thankful for Janitors in the Wapello, Iowa, Area

November 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

In the Wapello, Iowa, area, buildings, schools, and businesses tend to get a little messy throughout the fall months! Although many of us leave our garbage and spills behind at the end of a busy day, janitors come into dark, empty buildings after hours and prepare our spaces for a new day.


Janitors play an important role in our everyday lives, even though their work usually happens behind the scenes. This fall, let’s take a moment to think of some reasons to be thankful for the janitorial services in our lives:


  • Janitors Remove Dirt: Remember that dirt and mud your coworker tracked in after lunch? Although they might have halfheartedly tried to mop it up with a paper towel before the two o’clock meeting, a janitor will come in and clean the carpets so they look as good as new!
  • Janitors Wash Windows: After the janitor scrubs and squeegees the windows, your office space becomes so much lighter and happier. Plus, there are a lot fewer cobwebs blocking the view outside!
  • Janitors Clean Shared Spaces: No matter how many passive aggressive notes the HR department leaves in the kitchen, there will always be someone who forgets to cover their microwave spaghetti or who splashes their coffee. A janitor takes care of these problem spaces, and makes sure that everyone has a clean, shared space!
  • Janitors Disinfect: Noticing that a lot of your coworkers have been sneezing or coughing? A janitor will make sure that your spaces are germ-free by morning, so you can hopefully stay away from the flu this winter!


There are so many reasons to be thankful for janitors in the Wapello, Iowa, area this fall. Today, take a moment and reach out to the folks who clean your office spaces!


Lacking a high quality professional janitor in your commercial space, located in Wapello, Burlington, Fort Madison, or Mt. Pleasant? Contact the folks at ServiceMaster Clean and Restore today. You’ll be grateful you did!


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