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Water Damage Restoration After the Storm in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Area

February 14th, 2017 · No Comments

In the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa area, cleaning up after a snowstorm with significant water damage can be intimidating. Along with recovering your home there are a million things on your mind, like where should I start? How do I find materials to clean up? Can anyone help me with this process?

Fortunately, the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration know how to clean up water damage after a heavy snow or rainstorm. Until they arrive, here are a few ways to help the process along a bit:

  • Avoid Flooding: If your home floods during an intense snow or rainstorm, make certain to turn off the electricity before water reaches the power outlets in order to keep the area safe. Otherwise, contact a professional immediately for help.
  • Escape Mold: Cleanup, dry up, and air out your home as soon as possible with indoor fans. Only open the windows if the air outside is dryer than the air in the home. Taking this action will allow you to avoid having a wet house and keep mold from growing inside the walls.
  • Plow or Shovel: If your home is trapped beneath a large amount of snow from a storm, do your best to remove it quickly. Not only can these drifted layers pack in over time, they can also freeze and cause damage to your home.
  • Fix Glass Breakage: During storms, windowpanes or glass doors can shatter or crack. Do your best to remove the glass safely, and then cover the hole in order to keep your house from losing too much heat!

When it comes to storm cleanup and disaster restoration in the Mt. Pleasant, IA area, it’s important to make certain you keep your home safe. Although we encourage you to take action to protect your home, a professional hand is especially helpful during challenging times like these.

Ready to make the call? Contact the folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today! We also proudly serve the Burlington, Fort Madison, and Wapello, IA areas.


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